2 Month Adult Indoor Rowing Session is about to Begin

Registration is now Open for the Greensboro adult Winter Indoor Rowing Season, which starts on January 30 at Revolution Mill. 

Greensboro Crew is excited to announce the upcoming season of “2018 Indoor Rowing for adults.

No prior rowing experience is necessary.

One of the great things about indoor rowing is versatility. Not only is it low in impact (joint friendly), indoor rowing can be performed at any intensity level.   There is no age limit and you go at your own pace. When you have been taught good rowing technique, you will experience the awesome feeling of using over 85% of the muscles in your body, rhythmically flowing back and forth, with each stroke.

“The purpose of indoor rowing is to foster healthy living in a fun team environment for adults through the wonderful sport of rowing,” says club organizer Gene Kininmonth. “This is a wonderful community of adults all encouraging each other to do their best and always improve.”

Format: Participants with no prior experience will start with a learn-to-row format.  As technique and stamina improve, a more competitive format will be adopted. Wear what you would normally wear to a gym and bring a water bottle.

Dates and Times: 

Weekday (Tuesday & Thursday): 6pm – 7:30pm. $200. Clinic begins Tuesday, January 30 and ends Thursday, March 22. Click the link to register and pay online.

Location: 1150 Revolution Mill Drive, Greensboro. Participants must have registered in advance.

Parents of current youth rowers receive a 20% discount on the session. Parents should mail their fee payable to “Greensboro Crew” of $160 to

Greensboro Crew
1107 Johnson Street,
High Point, NC 27262