2017: A Captain’s Retrospective

By Lucy Huitt

Looking back, it seems crazy that Greensboro Crew started only a little over a year

My brother and I had been with High Point Rowing Club for a few seasons when Coach Gene announced that a sister program was to be launched in Greensboro. My first day rowing on Lake Brandt, I was three-seat in a coxed four, and the wooden handle of my oar snapped. That remained a big joke for a while. There were so many
new faces that came along with the new team.

HPG, the combined squad name, draws kids from all over the Triad. Many kids have been adventurous and willing to come try a new sport about which they know very little.

I made a lot of friends that fall season. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to row with both Greensboro and High Point and build strong friendships in both squads.

Over the course of the year the connection between both teams has grown stronger.

Camaraderie and great sportsmanship are a couple of the wonderful qualities
embodied in the members of HPG. Prior to races, teammates on both squadrons
encourage each other and give helpful tips and advice. After races, team members
help carry other boats and congratulate each other’s performances.

I love our team. Character building is happening all the time as we learn and improve on skills suchas leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Greensboro Crew has grown and flourished exponentially since its beginning and I,
along with many others, look forward to watching the process continue.

Lucy Huitt is the captain of Greensboro Crew’s youth rowing squad. 

Lucy Huitt with her brother Ben and parents Anne and Parker with Olympic gold medalist Jason Read at the Celebration of Rowing banquet in November.

HPG Rowing enjoyed great success at the inaugural North Carolina Youth Rowing Championships. Rowers from the High Point Greensboro club won state championships in 7 out of 14 events the club entered.

The inaugural duel between High Point and Greensboro was all for fun…OK and maybe a little pride as well : )

Greensboro V High Point at this summers 2017 Uncle Sam Jam.

Greensboro Crew’s masters squad enjoyed new digs for indoor rowing at Revolution Mill this winter.