History to be made at Lake Brandt on Saturday

Greensboro, NC – History will be made on Saturday morning when the first rowing crews ever to grace the waters of Lake Brandt are launched at 9am.

High Point Rowing Club will be launching rowing crews comprised primarily of members of its team residing in the Greensboro/Summerfield area in an effort to promote rowing in the city.

“Half our High Point team lives in Greensboro or Summerfield,” says High Point Crew founder Gene Kininmonth. “Since there is such obvious interest in the sport of rowing in this area, it only makes sense that we assist the City of Greensboro establish a team here.”

Greensboro Crew will initially focus on a scholastic youth rowing program which will provide rowing opportunities to high school students ages 13 and up.

Interested students should email contact@highpointrowing.com for details on how to join the Crew.

No experience necessary!

Kininmonth says Lake Brandt was chosen as the new home for the Greensboro Crew for its large expanse of beautiful waterways surrounded by a tall tree line that offers protection from winds making it ideal for rowing.