Order Youth Team Uniform Today

The youth team uniform is now open for orders. All orders must be completed by March 10. See below for the complete Greensboro Crew uniform for 2017. Purchasing the complete order online qualifies a rower for the team discount. Items may be purchased individually and should be paid for by check to “Greensboro Crew”.

The 2017 uniform includes the following items custom fit for each athlete:

Track suit – $35

Racing compression shirt (no sleeves) – $25

Racing compression shirt (with sleeves) – $25

Team Rowing Vest – $25

Team practice tank – $20

Team bag with personalized name embroidered in large letters – $25

($40 –  Team discount)

Total cost $115.00


Track suits will be disbursed immediately with remainder of team apparel to arrive in time for the Clemson Sprints. These uniform items are available for current youth team members only. Items purchased individually are not eligible for the team discount.

Rowers will have an opportunity to try on each apparel item for size upon receipt.