Registration is Open for Youth Winter Indoor Erging


Summerfield, NC – Greensboro Crew is excited to announce a new season of Youth Indoor Rowing for high school and middle school students. The purpose of the Youth Indoor Rowing is to foster healthy living in a fun team environment for students through the wonderful sport of rowing. The program is for boys and girls and the students will be be prepared for the challenges of the spring boat racing season after completing the winter indoor rowing program.

No prior rowing experience is necessary.

“Indoor rowing has taken off as the new spinning and we have received lots of interest from students wishing to try out this sport,” says Greensboro rowing club founder Gene Kininmonth. “Rowing is non-impact making it safer from injuries, which is especially appealing to student-athletes who have been injured in other sports such as football, soccer and lacrosse.”

In addition to indoor rowing, students will also participate in strength and conditioning as well as a boxing fitness regimen, which does not involve students hitting each other.

Format: Participants with no prior experience will start with a learn-to-row format on the Concept2 rowing machines.  As technique and stamina improve, a more competitive format will be adopted.

Dates and Times: Each day, Monday – Friday from 4:15pm – 6:00pm (students travelling from further away can arrive later). Students are not expected to be at every session. The season begins November 14 and will go through to February 10. 

Attire: Tee shirt, form-fitting shorts, and running shoes are usual attire. Loose fitting shorts will likely catch in the “slide” (where the rowing seat moves back and forth on the rower). Bring a water bottle too!

Cost: $255 per participant. No partial refund for missed sessions or weather related cancellations.

Note, this session requires a minimum of 25 participants to ‘make’ the class.