Rowing is Coming to Greensboro

Greensboro, NC – The founder of High Point Rowing Club is working with Greensboro city officials to start a new rowing program at Lake Brandt for adults and youth ages 12-18. Gene Kininmonth, who founded High Point Rowing Club in 2012 says the new rowing program will be called ‘Greensboro Crew’ and is expected to kick off in just a few weeks.

“Lake Brandt is an ideal venue for rowing and it is within close proximity to a significant number of private and public schools in Greensboro,” says Kininmonth. “Many of High Point Rowing Club’s members are residents of Greensboro and nearby Summerfield and Oak Ridge, so clearly there is demand for the sport. It makes sense for the city to have a rowing program.”

Factor in that since Title IX, the sport of choice of college athletic directors to counter football is women’s rowing. So, there is huge demand at universities for high school students with rowing experience and until now Greensboro high school students have been denied access to one of the most lucrative sports for getting into college.

“Rowing coaches from across the nation are already visiting Greensboro high school athletes that are playing sports such as swimming and track and trying to recruit them to row,” says Kininmonth. “The demand for athletes is huge. Imagine how many more opportunities for Greensboro students there will be with an actual rowing team in the city.”

Greensboro Crew will be open to students age 12 – 18 attending any public or private school in the Greensboro/Summerfield/Oak Ridge areas.

Here’s a look at what rowing looks like in High Point.

Parents or students interested in rowing should contact Gene Kininmonth at or by calling (336) 257-9009.