Sneak Peek Week is Here! Middle and high school students can try rowing for just $10


Come try out youth rowing!

If you are in grades 7-12 (rising), and maybe looking for a Fall sport? Come give rowing a try. Three days of rowing for just $10. It is that easy! No experience necessary but you should be able to swim as a safety precaution.

WHEN? 4:15pm to 6:00pm on Monday, August 15th, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

WHERE? Lake Brandt. Use 5945 Lake Brandt Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455 as your GPS guide. This will bring you to the park entrance. When you enter the park, our boats are located to the right end of the park.

COST? Just $10!


Also, be sure to have a parent sign the waiver and swim form certifying that you can swim. These can be downloaded on this page. Bring these forms with you and your $10 payment.

Also bring the following:
• flip flops (we walk the boats into the water)
• water bottle
• dress in close-fitting shorts/t-shirt (Loose clothes get caught in the sliding seat of the boat).

Questions? Just email our wonderful coach, Gene Kininmonth – “Row for the G!”