If you have clicked on this page its possible you may be feeling inclined to help Greensboro Crew in some positive way. We are fortunate to have a wonderful squad of young oarsmen and women rowing with passion for Greensboro. We are also grateful to the parents of our rowers who volunteer to assist the program in so many ways.

Our program is the newest in the United States and in this infancy stage we need all the help we can get. Our goal is not only to propel Greensboro’s rowing team to be among the best in the country but for it to be a truly community organization with participants of all ages and walks of life. To reach this goal we need your help! We need folks to donate their time, skills, and treasure.

Do you have a powerboat you could donate to be used as a safety boat for coaching the youth program? Do you have a truck you could donate that we could use to haul our boats to races? Can you make a financial gift to the team to help us acquire more used rowing shells and oars for the athletes to row? (Note, a new 8-man rowing shell costs over $40,000!)

Below is a partial ‘wish list’ of our needs:

$3,500    Coach/Safety Boat with outboard (we need 3)

$1,000       Set of used oars (we need 4 sets)

$3,500    Used 8-man shell (we need 4)

$7,500    Shell Trailer for travel to races

$2,000    Boat storage racks

$2,000    Annual insurance

For the winter months and during inclement weather the team needs an indoor facility to workout on rowing machines and lifting weights. This could be a warehouse or similar type of building not in use. Please contact us if you have such a building you would permit the team to use or even donate to the team.